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Mediterranean ingredients

A themed box of carefully selected high-quality full-size skincare products shipped to you every two months. Try in every box a luxurious skincare routine, discover the benefits of clean organic Italian brands, with their precious ingredients, to detox and nourish your skin. 

We select for you:

- Nourishing skincare perfect for concerns like dry, dull, aging skin.

- Products made with the best organic ingredients.

- cruelty-free and clean products that do not contain PEGs, parabens, petrolatum, paraffin, SLSs, SLES, silicones or artificial colours. 

Organic skincare, Italian:

Your own luxury experience, a moment for yourself. We curate the best clean organic brands, and select their top products for you.  Surround yourself with relaxing and moodlifting scents of Mediterranean ingredients. All products included are full-size, cruelty-free, clean, vegan and made in Italy. 

Why you will love it:

Receiving this box in the mail is like receiving a gift from a friend. The curated selection, the quality, the packaging, it is a luxurious experience. It always contains everything you need plus products that will become your new favourites, a joy to discover, every time. Particularly indicated for skin that needs to be rebalanced, and concerns like dry, dull, aging skin.


This subscription is for you if:

You'd like to receive products that work well together and that will nourish your skin.  You'd like to use very effective organic products for your skin, made with the best ingredients.  You'd like to receive luxury skincare that you will actually love to use. No random samples, but a complete, curated selection of full size products.

featured brands


Worth every penny! I was impressed with the overall product selection with no redundancy- there’s a face scrub and a body scrub and both are of excellent quality. I’ll keep this one for sure!

Ilene K.

The Adam and Eve of subscription boxes. The mothership, the motherlode, the alpha omega, the first and last word. Will make the cynic a believer. Go on buy it. Your dollar will suddenly feel deflationary. Your skin elastic. Your soul whole. 

Zohar L.

My skin is happy! I've never done a subscription like this before, but I'm sooo glad that I did. What a time saver to a curated box of non-toxic, luxurious, and effective products delivered to my door step. 

Rachael N.